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The History of Food
Leading Books
A History of Food, 2nd, New and Expanded Edition  
A History of Food
Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat
Spice at Any Price
The Lure of Sugar
  How Food Made History  
How Food Made History
B.W. Higman
Hunting, Herding, Fishing
National, Regional, and Global Cuisines
Journal Articles
Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies   The Solitary Feast: A Contradiction in Terms?
Susanna Morton Braund
Centaurus   Facilitating Leiden's Cold: The International Association of Refrigeration and the Internationalisation of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes's Cryogenic Laboratory
Dirk Van Delft
Critical Quarterly   A slave to the stove? The TV celebrity chef abandons the kitchen: lifestyle TV, domesticity and gender
Lucy Scholes
Early Medieval Europe   Hospitality in pre-viking Anglo-Saxon England
Alban Gautier
The Economic History Review   Bringing home the bacon? Regional nutrition, stature, and gender in the industrial revolution
Sara Horrell, Deborah Oxley
    The ripple that drowns? Twentieth-century famines in China and India as economic history
Cormac Ó Gráda
    Read other articles from this Special Issue: Feeding the masses: plenty, want and the distribution of food and drink in historical perspective
Family & Consumer Sciences   Early History and Evolution of Nutrition Science in the United States of America
Deanna L. Pucciarelli
Gender & History   To Make a Revolutionary Cuisine: Gender and Politics in French Kitchens, 1789–1815
Jennifer J. Davis
German Life and Letters   Starving For Identity: Wasting Women In German Literature 1775-1820
Anna Richards
The Historian   Food Supply and Economic Ideology: Indian Corn Relief during the Second Year of the Great Irish Famine (1847)
Mohamed Salah Harzallah
Historical Research   Soup and sadaqa: charity in Islamic societies
Amy Singer
    Practical economics in eighteenth-century England: Charles Smith on the grain trade and the corn laws, 1756–72
Richard Sheldon
History   Lord Killearn and British Diplomacy Regarding French Indo-Chinese Rice Supplies, 1946–1948
T. O. Smith
History and Theory   Spaces of Consumption in Environmental History
Matthew W. Klingle
History Compass   Sowing the Seeds of Progress: The Agricultural Biotechnology Debate in Africa
Noah Zerbe
    'Dead Meat' Dramas: Diseased Meat and the Public's Health
Keir Waddington
History of Education Quarterly   "A Better Crop of Boys and Girls": The School Gardening Movement, 1890–1920
Sally Gregory Kohlstedt
Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies   Defining Good Food: Cookery-Book Illustrations in England
Troy Bickham
The Journal of the Historical Society   When Food Became Scarce: Life and Death in Chinese Villages during the Great Leap Forward Famine
Yxin Chen
Journal of Religious History   Evangelicalism and the Early Vegetarian Movement in Britain c.1847–1860
Ian Miller
Renaissance Studies   Sharing and status: the design and function of a sixteenth-century Spanish spice stand in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Kirstin Kennedy
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