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Special Issue on Biofuels

The role of plant biotechnology in bio-energy production

Plants have long been used by humans as primary sources of food, medicine, fibre and energy. Over time these diverse applications have gradually expanded in scope, scale and sophistication, with the most recent advancement deriving from the development of biotechnology, resulting in previously unimagined enhancements in plant productivity and quality. Recently, the increasing concern about declining global supplies of fossil oil from which we derive transportation fuels and a wide range of chemical feedstocks has generated new and urgent interest in expanding the applications of plants so as to produce alternatives to those materials. It is also argued that supplementing or replacing petroleum-based fuels and petrochemicals with agriculturally produced, renewable equivalents is appealing from an environmental standpoint. While the development of plant-based solutions to this challenge includes traditional plant selection and breeding, along with applications research, we also anticipate a significant 'investment' by molecular plant biotechnology. Indeed, plant biotechnology may prove to be an essential tool in developing plants with new properties for use in the most efficient production of transportation biofuels and phytochemicals.

This second Special Issue from Plant Biotechnology Journal features applications of plant biotechnology in the development of plants that will generate biofuels. Issues discussed include manipulation of the biosynthesis of carbohydrate and lignin components of plant biomass and technologies available for conversion of plant biomass to fuel including 'in planta' production of enzymes to aid this conversion.

Article highlights include:
Evaluation of plant biomass resources available for replacement of fossil oil
Robert J. Henry

Synthesis, regulation and utilization of lignocellulosic biomass
Darby Harris, Seth DeBolt

Sugarcane for bioenergy production: an assessment of yield and regulation of sucrose content
Alessandro J. Waclawovsky, Paloma M. Sato, Carolina G. Lembke, Paul H. Moore, Glaucia M. Souza’

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Plant genome sequencing: applications for crop improvement

Expression quantitative trait loci analysis in plants

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