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American Journal of Political Science Free Sample Issue: January 2013 - Featuring article "Poverty and Support for Militant Politics: Evidence from Pakistan."   Wiley Politics & Government App | This Free App for iPad & iPhone Includes • Latest Journal Abstracts • Free sample issues • Book Recommendations • Conference News • Top Blogger content • and more! | More Info | Download
APP - Asian Politics & Policy Free Sample Issue: January 2013, featuring article "Courting the Dragon: Australia's Emerging Dialogue With China."  
Asia & The Pacific Policy Studies Submit your research to Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, the flagship journal of the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University. The goal of the journal is to break down barriers across disciplines, and generate policy impact. More information can be found in the author guidelines  
Australian Journal of Public Administration Putting Citizens at the Centre: Making Government More Responsive
Special issue comprising selected papers from the first China–Australia Public Administration Dialogue workshop at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou.
BJPR FREE special section of the latest issue - The Global Financial Crisis and the Political Economy of British Social Democracy
The British Journal of Sociology ‘Our struggles are bigger than the World Cup’: civic activism, state-society relations and the socio-political legacies of the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Scarlett Cornelissen
Canadian Public Administration Free Sample Issue: March 2012, featuring article "The state of talent management in Canada's public sector."
DOMES Free Sample Issue: Spring 2012, featuring article " Cultural Engineering Under Authoritarian Regimes: Islamization of Universities in Postrevolutionary Iran."
Economic Policy Top accessed article in 2012 - From Great Depression to Great Credit Crisis: similarities, differences and lessons
European Journal of Political Research Free Sample Issue: January 2013, featuring article “Three decades of populist radical right parties in Western Europe: So what? By Cas Mudde
Foreign Policy Analysis Free Sample Issue: January 2013, featuring article "A Rogue Doctrine?: The Role of Strategic Culture on US Foreign Policy Behavior."
Governance Free Sample Issue: January/February 2013 - Featuring article "Women's Participation in Rural China's Self-Governance."
Political Data Yearbook interactive Recently launched and FREE online – Political Data Yearbook Interactive
Global Policy FREE Special Issue: “Changing the Debate on Europe – the inaugural Dahrendorf Symposium”. Guest Editors: Helmut K. Anheier and Damian Chalmers
International Affairs Virtual issue of International Affairs on the Middle East – to accompany the March 2013 special issue, read for free online
IDS Bulletin Read the special issue free online: Piecing it Together: Post-conflict Security in an Africa of Networked, Multilevel Governance
International Migration We are pleased announce 50 years of International Migration and would like to offer our readers 60 days free access to the Journal to all content back to 1963!  Read the Virtual Issue - 50 Articles celebrating 50 years
International Migration Review Study Details Estimates of U.S. Unauthorized Immigrant Population
Unauthorized Immigration to the United States: Annual Estimates and Components of Change, by State, 1990 to 2010
Robert Warren and John Robert Warren
International Studies Perspectives Free Sample Issue: February 2013, featuring article "Zombies and International Relations: A Simple Guide for Bringing the Undead into Your Classroom."
International Political Sociology Free Sample Issue: March 2012, featuring "Political Islam & State Legitimacy in Turkey"
International Studies Quarterly Free Sample Issue: March 2012, featuring article "Signing Up for Peace: International Boundary Agreements, Democracy, and Militarized Interstate Conflict"
International Studies Review Free Sample Issue: March 2012, featuring article "Dividing Discipline: Structures of Communication in International Relations"
JCMS Special Issue 2013: ‘Confronting Euroscepticism’, edited by Dr Simon Usherwood, Dr Nick Startin & Dr Simona Guerra
Juncture In the wake of the economic crisis and the political and social upheavals that followed, the centre-left in Britain and around the world is at a critical juncture. Juncture seeks to rethink the centre-left for these new times, taking on the big political questions that need to be addressed if the centre-left is to be renewed. Read a free issue online.
Latin American Policy Free Sample Issue: June 2012, featuring article "The Inter-American Democratic Charter at Ten: A Commitment by the Americas to the Defense and Promotion of Democracy."
Latin American Politics and Society Free Sample Issue: Spring 2013, featuring article "Development Dynamics of Chinese Resource-Based Investment in Peru and Ecuador."
Legislative Studies Quarterly Free Sample Issue: January 2013 - Featuring article "Citizen Participation and Congressional Responsiveness: New Evidence that Participation Matters."
Middle East Policy Free Sample Issue: Spring 2012 - Featuring article "Containing Iran: What Does It Mean?"
Nations and Nationalism Read the 2012 ASEN/Nations and Nationalism Prize winning article - Migration and ethnic nationalism: Anglophone exit and the ‘decolonisation’ of Québec  by David Pettinicchio
News Perspectives Quarterly Free Sample Issue: Winter 2013 - Featuring article "Europe is Divided Again: This Time Between Creditors and Debtors"
Pacific Focus Invisible Anxiety: Would the Rise of China Really Be a Security Threat to the United States?
Edward Kwon
Journal of Public Affairs Journal of Public Affairs is now online only – make sure you never miss another issue by signing up for table of contents alerts and browse content online here.
Public Administration Read the recently published virtual issue on crisis and disaster management – click here
Public Budgeting & Finance Free Featured Selection: The Crisis in Federal Budgeting Symposium Issue
Peace & Change Free Sample Issue: January 2013 - Featuring article "The Courts and Peace Activism: Selected Legal Cases Related to Matters of Conscience and Civil Liberties."
Policy & Internet Free Sample Issue:  February 2012 - Featuring article " Traditional and Virtual Shopping Trips: The Taxation of Ecommerce Reconsidered."
Politics & Policy Free Sample Issue: February 2012 featuring article "Maximizing Journal Article Citation Online: Readers, Robots, and Research Visibility."
PSQ: Political Science Quarterly Free Sample Issue: Spring 2012 - Featuring article "Nuclear Disarmament: Should America Lead?"
PPP: Poverty & Public Policy Free Sample Issue: Spring 2012 - Featuring article "The Affordable Care Act: Dispersing the Fog of Misinformation”
PSJ Policy Studies Journal Free Issue: February 2013 featuring article "Framing the Poor: Media Coverage and U.S. Poverty Policy."
Presidential Studies Quarterly Free Sample Issue: March 2013 - Featuring article "The Paradox of President Reagan's Leadership."
PAR: Public Administration Review Check out the free Virtual Issue: Public Service Motivation - with a Special Introduction by Sanjay K. Pandey, and the Free Sample Issue: January/February 2013 - featuring article "Designing Public Participation Processes."
Political Insight Subscribe to Political Insightjust £13 for a year’s subscription!
Politics Read a recent key article in Politics - What Feedback do Students Want? by Alasdair Blair, Steven Curtis, Mark Goodwin and Sam Shields
The Political Quarterly Subscribe to The Political Quarterly online for just £10!
Political Studies Read the top accessed article in Political Studies in 2012 – click here to find out what it was!
Regulation & Governance The editors are delighted to announce that Nai Rui Chng will receive the Regulation & Governance prize for the best article published in Volume 6 (2012) of the journal for the article Regulatory Mobilization and Service Delivery at the Edge of the Regulatory State.
RHCPP Free Sample Issue: April 2013 – Featuring article “Displacement and Disaster Recovery: Transnational Governance and Socio-legal Issues Following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake (pages 1–24)”
RPR: Review of Policy Research Free Sample Issue: January 2013 - Special Issue: Assessing Policy Capacity for Climate Change.
Scandinavian Political Studies Read Professor Carole Pateman’s 2012 Johan Skytte Prize Lecture - Questions, Evidence and Political Theory; and watch the accompanying interview.
Social Science Quarterly Free Sample Issue: March 2013 - Featuring article "Minority Football Coaches’ Diminished Careers: Why is the “Pipeline” Clogged?"
Swiss Political Studies Review Special Section – Political Responses to the Economic Debate, now freely available online
The Sociological Review Read the Special Issue on The Politics of Imagination  Edited by Joanna Latimer and Beverley Skeggs
WMHP: World Medical & Health Policy Free Sample Issue: April 2013 – Featuring article “The Spread of Obesity in Developing and Transitional Countries: A Focus on the Mekong Region, Southeast Asia”
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Book News
Spatial Politics   Spatial Politics
Essays for Doreen Massey
Edited by David Featherstone & Joe Painter

January 2013 ǀ Sample chapter

American Politics and Society   American Politics and Society
8th edition
David McKay

March 2013 ǀ Sample chapter

US Foreign Policy in Action   US Foreign Policy in Action
An Innovative Teaching Text
Jeffrey S. Lantis

December 2012 ǀ Sample chapter

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New Orleans, LA
  Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference
April 11-13, 2013
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