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The Southern Journal of Philosophy
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Malebranche and Leibniz on the Best of All Possible Worlds
Tad M. Schmaltz

Race and Earth in Heidegger's Thinking during the Late 1930s
Robert Bernasconi

Gorgias' Defense: Plato and His Opponents on Rhetoric and the Good
Rachel Barney

Transvaluationism about Vagueness: A Progress Report
Terry Horgan

The Necessity of Tomorrow's Sea Battle
Jeremy Byrd

Experiences as Complex Events

Michael Jacovides

Love and History
Christopher Grau

Spinoza and Process Ontology
Francesca Di Poppa

Die Künftige Generation: Helene Stöcker's Future (From Malthus to Nietzsche)
Penelope Deutscher

Event and Evolution
Luciana Parisi

Second Nature and Spirit: Hegel on the Role of Habit in the Appearance of Perceptual Consciousness
David Forman

Guidelines for Theorizing about Realization
Kevin Morris
About The Southern Journal of Philosophy
The Southern Journal of Philosophy has long provided a forum for the expression of philosophical ideas written from all philosophical perspectives, including both the analytic and continental traditions, as well as the history of philosophy. This commitment to philosophical pluralism is reflected in the long list of notable figures whose work has appeared in the journal, including Hans-Georg Gadamer, Hubert Dreyfus, George Santayana, Wilfrid Sellars, and Richard Sorabji.

The jewel of each volume is the Spindel Supplement, which features the invited papers and commentaries presented at the annual Spindel Conference. Held each autumn at the University of Memphis and endowed by a generous gift from the Spindel family, each Spindel Conference centers on a philosophical topic of broad interest and provides a venue for discussion by the world's leading figures on that topic.
We are pleased to announce that, beginning in 2011, recipients of the Griffith Award for Best Philosophy Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology (SSPP) will be invited to submit their essays for publication in the SJP.

The 29th annual Spindel Conference took place at the University of Memphis in October 2010. Under the direction of Remy Debes, this year's conference took as its topic "Empathy and Ethics." Keynote speakers included Stephen Darwall (Yale University), John Deigh (University of Texas, Austin), and Peter Goldie (University of Manchester). Other speakers included Sarah Buss, Amy Coplan, Andrew Cohen, Justin D'Arms, Julia Driver, Stephen Finlay, Charles Griswold, Christie Hartley, Steven Jauss, Jeanette Kennett, Christian Miller, Sarah Clark Miller, Jesse Prinz, Robert Roberts, Tamar Schapiro, David Shoemaker, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Michael Slote, Charles Starkey, Karsten Stueber, and Lori Watson. The Spindel Supplement featuring the work of these individuals will appear in September 2011.

Congratulations to Joshua May (University of California, Santa Barbara), winner of the inaugural Spindel Prize for Emerging Scholars in Philosophy. In addition to receiving a $250 award, Josh presented his paper, "Egoism, Empathy, and Self-Other Merging" in a special session at the Spindel Conference. His paper will appear in the 2011 Spindel Supplement.

The SJP now has an page. Click here to keep up with news and activities, including announcements regarding our 50th anniversary celebration in 2012.
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