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Business & Management
Can companies help save the world?
Corporate social responsibility is both a valued practice and a topic for debate. 
Wiley-Blackwell offers you access below to a collection of articles and books
that discuss the benefits, challenges and risks.
   Journal Articles – Free Access  
Australian Accounting Review   British Journal of Management   Business and Society Review
Corporate Social Responsibility: Why Business Should Act Responsibly and Be Accountable   Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility: the Role of Formal Strategic Planning and Firm Culture   The Economic Value of a Sustainable Supply Chain
Business Ethics: A European Review   Business Strategy Review   Corporate Governance: An International Review
Little big firms? Corporate social responsibility in small businesses that do not compete against big ones   Thinking Aloud: profiting from corporate social responsibility   Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Moderating Roles of Attainment Discrepancy and Organization Slack
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management   Economic Affairs   Economica
How corporate social responsibility is defined: an analysis of 37 definitions   Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance   Individual and Corporate Social Responsibility
European Management Review   Decision Sciences   Industrial and Organizational Psychology
After the fall: The global financial crisis as a test of corporate social responsibility theories   Formal Infrastructure and Ethical Decision Making: An Empirical Investigation and Implications for Supply Management   Evidence-Based I–O Psychology: Not There Yet
International Journal of Management Reviews   Journal of Business Logistics   Journal of Consumer Affairs
The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of Concepts, Research and Practice   Transaction Cost and Institutional Drivers of Supplier Adoption of Environmental Practices   Interaction of Law and Ethics in Matters of Advertisers' Responsibility for Protecting Consumers
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy   Journal of Management Studies   Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
When Necessity Becomes a Virtue: The Effect of Product Market Competition on Corporate Social Responsibility   The New Political Role of Business in a Globalized World: A Review of a New Perspective on CSR and its Implications for the Firm, Governance, and Democracy   Does serving the community also serve the company? Using organizational identification and social exchange theories to understand employee responses to a volunteerism programme
Journal of Small Business Management   Journal of Supply Chain Management   Managerial and Decision Economics
Socially Responsible Processes of Small Family Business Owners: Exploratory Evidence from the National Family Business Survey   Effects of Suppliers’ Reputation on the Future of Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Mediating Roles of Outcome Fairness and Trust   Corporate social responsibility, durable-goods and firm profitability
Metroeconomica   Psychology and Marketing   Production and Operations Management
A Microeconomic Model of Corporate Social Responsibility   How to repair customer trust after negative publicity: The roles of competence, integrity, benevolence, and forgiveness   Measuring Corporate Social Performance: An Efficiency Perspective
R&D Management   Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal   Strategic Management Journal
Exploring open innovation practice in firm-nonprofit engagements: a corporate social responsibility perspective   Globalization of social entrepreneurship opportunities   Doing good deeds in times of need: a strategic perspective on corporate disaster donations
Systems Research and Behavioral Science   Global Strategy Journal    
Corporate social responsibility and requisite holism—supported by tradable permits   Social responsibility, global strategy, and the multinational enterprise: global monitory democracy and the meaning of place and space    
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