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   Journal Spotlight  
Management and Organization Review Special Issue of Management and Organization Review
Social Exchange in Work Settings: Content, Process, and Mixed Models
Guest edited by Lynn M. Shore, Jacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro, Xiao-Ping Chen and Lois E. Tetrick

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Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Special issue of the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
Long-term developments in individual work behaviour: Patterns of stability and change

Guest edited by René Schalk, Beatrice van der Heijden, Annet de Lange and
Marc van Veldhoven
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    Essential Reading  
Management Communication   The Silent Language of Leaders
Management Communication
Arthur Bell
  The Silent Language of Leaders
Carol Kinsey Goman
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The Leader's Guide to Storytelling   When the Headline is You
The Leader's Guide to Storytelling
Stephen Denning
  When the Headline is You
Jeff Ansell with Jeffrey Leeson
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   Free Journal Articles  
Applied Psychology
The Forgotten Facet: Employee Satisfaction with Management above the Level of Immediate Supervision
Reeshad S. Dalal, Michael R. Bashshur, Marcus Credé
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies
The Effect of Regulation Fair Disclosure on Conference Calls: The Case of Earnings Surprises
Bok Baik, Hye-Jeong Nam
Business Ethics: A European Review
Implementation, communication and benefits of corporate codes of ethics: an international and longitudinal approach for Australia, Canada and Sweden
Göran Svensson, Greg Wood, Jang Singh and Michael Callaghan
British Journal of Industrial Relations
Knowledge Sharing through Face-to-Face Communication and Labour Productivity: Evidence from British Workplaces
Sergio Salis and Allan M. Williams
Corporate Governance: An International Review
CSR Communication Intensity in Chinese and Indian Multinational Companies
Christoph Lattemann, Marc Fetscherin, Ilan Alon, Shaomin Li and Anna-Maria Schneider
Decision Sciences
Team Decision Making in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: How Initial Computer-Mediated or Face-to-Face Meetings Set the Stage for Later Outcomes
Deanna M. Kennedy, Ralitza R. Vozdolska, Sara A. McComb
Journal of Personality
Honesty–humility and a person–situation interaction at work
Ingo Zettler, Benjamin E. Hilbig
Gender, Work & Organization
Creating Knowledge through Networks: a Gender Perspective
Susan Durbin
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Strengthening Shared Identity in I-O Psychology Through Online Social Networks
Gordon B. Schmidt, Richard N. Landers
International Journal of Management Reviews
Maximizing Business Returns to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Role of CSR Communication
Shuili Du, C.B. Bhattacharya and Sankar Sen
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
Personality and counterproductive work behaviour: Using conservation of resources theory to narrow the profile of deviant employees
Lisa M. Penney, Emily M. Hunter and Sara J. Perry
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
Central Bank Communication and the Liquidity Trap
Stefano Eusepi
Knowledge and Process Management
A discussion and test of a communication flow optimization approach for business process redesign
Ned Kock, Azim Danesh and Paul Komiak
Negotiation Journal
The Role of Play and Humor in Creative Conflict Management
Marianella Sclavi
Personnel Psychology
Are Highly Structured Job Interviews Resistant to Demographic Similarity Effects?
Julie M. McCarthy, Chad H. Van Iddekinge, Michael A. Campion
Psychology & Marketing
Can you trust a customer's expression? Insights into nonverbal communication in the retail context
Nancy M. Puccinelli, Scott Motyka, Dhruv Grewal
R&D Management
Knowledge communication, exploitation and endogenous innovation: the moderating effects of internal controls in SMEs
Yuan Li, Xiyao Li, Yi Liu and Bradley R. Barnes
The Journal of Finance
Attracting Attention: Cheap Managerial Talk and Costly Market Monitoring
Asian Economic Journal
Output and Productivity Performance of Hong Kong and Singapore's Transport and Communications Sector, 1990 to 2005
Boon L. Lee, William Shepherd
Behavioral Sciences & the Law
Corporate psychopathy: Talking the walk
Paul Babiak Ph.D, Craig S. Neumann Ph.D, Robert D. Hare Ph.D.
Business and Society Review
Corporate Control of Information: Business and the Freedom of Expression
George G. Brenkert
Creativity and Innovation Management
Information Processing and Firm-Internal Environment Contingencies: Performance Impact on Global New Product Development
Elko Kleinschmidt, Ulrike De Brentani, Søren Salomo
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education
The "Living" Case: Structuring Storytelling to Increase Student Interest, Interaction, and Learning
Stanley E. Fawcett, Amydee M. Fawcett
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Commitment in Franchising: The Role of Collaborative Communication and a Franchisee's Propensity to Leave
William R. Meek, Beth Davis-Sramek, Melissa S. Baucus, Richard N. Germain
European Journal of Social Psychology
Exchanging social positions: Enhancing perspective taking within a cooperative problem solving task
Alex Gillespie, Beth Richardson
Global Strategy Journal
The geographic scope of the MNC and its alliance portfolio: Resolving the paradox of distance
Industrial Relations
English Language and Low-Skilled Jobs: The Structure of Employment
Nan L. Maxwell
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Culture and the processes of virtual teaming for training
M.R. Ahanchian, J. McCormick
Journal of Management Studies
A Communication-Based Theory of the Choice Between Greenfield and Acquisition Entry
Arjen H. L. Slangen
Journal of Organizational Behavior
South Korean managerial reactions to voicing discontent: The effects of employee attitude and employee communication styles
Tae-Yeol Kim, Benson Rosen and Deog-Ro Lee
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
A Multidimensional Network Approach to Studying Team Members' Information Seeking from Human and Digital Knowledge Sources in Consulting Firms
Chunke Su, Noshir Contractor
Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
Cultural Differences in Goal-directed Interaction Patterns in Negotiation
Meina Liu
New Technology, Work and Employment
Distributed work: communication in an 'officeless firm'
Yi Lai and Brendan Burchell
Productions and Operations Management
Impacts of Information and Communication Technology Implementations on Employees' Jobs in Service Organizations in India: A Multi-Method Longitudinal Field Study
Viswanath Venkatesh, Hillol Bala, Tracy Ann Sykes
Strategic Entrepeneurship Journal
Niche construction: The process of opportunity creation in the environment
Strategic Management Journal
Evolving communication patterns in response to an acquisition event
Journal of Consumer Affairs
Marketing for Public Health: We Need an App for That
Marla B. Royne, Marian Levy
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   Extra Resources  
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