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Management & Special Interest    
Agribusiness   British Journal of Management
Impact Factor: 0.354
Econometric evidence of cross-market effects of generic dairy advertising
Metin Cakir, and Joseph V. Balagtas
  Impact Factor: 1.448
A Post-crisis Critical Reflection on Business Schools
Graeme Currie, David Knights, and Ken Starkey
Business Strategy Review   International Journal of Management Reviews
Impact Factor: 0.354
The Critical Need to Reinvent Management
Julian Birkinshaw
  Impact Factor: 2.286
The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of Concepts, Research and Practice
Archie B. Carroll, and Kareem M. Shabana
International Journal of Tourism Research   Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
Clustering and compatibility between tourism attractions
Adi Weidenfeld, Richard W. Butler, and Allan M. Williams
  Impact Factor: 1.239
Equal Pay for Unequal Work: Limiting Sabotage in Teams
Arup Bose, Debashis Pal, and David E. M. Sappington
Journal of Organizational Behavior   Journal of Management Studies
Impact Factor: 1.99
Self-determination theory and work motivation
Marylène Gagné, and Edward L. Deci
  Impact Factor: 2.805
Is there a 'New Managerial Work'? A Comparison with Henry Mintzberg's Classic Study 30 Years Later
Stefan Tengblad
Management and Organization Review   Strategic Management Journal
How Much Does National Culture Constrain Organizational Culture?
Barry Gerhart
  Corporate responsibility and financial performance: the role of intangible resources
Jordi Surroca, Josep A. Tribó, and Sandra Waddock
Gender, Work & Organization   Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
Impact Factor: 0.982
Gender Logic and (Un)doing Gender at Work
Elisabeth K. Kelan
  Impact Factor: 0.405
Does customer engagement with internet based services influence adoption of other new products?
Darin W. White, Joe C. Harrison, and Sam Turner
Economic Outlook   Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Why has unemployment not risen more in the recession?   "Corporate" governance in nonprofit organizations A nontechnical review of the economic literature
Marc Jegers
Human Resources    
Human Resource Management Journal   International Journal of Training and Development
Organisational learning, knowledge assets and HR practices in professional service firms
Juani Swart, and Nicholas Kinnie
  The predictors of subjective career success: an empirical study of employee development in a Korean financial company
Yongho Park
International Journal of Selection and Assessment   New Technology, Work and Employment
Impact Factor: 0.864
What do People Want from their Jobs? The Big Five, core self-evaluations and work motivation
Tanja Bipp
  Impact Factor: 0.71
Entrapped by the 'electronic panopticon'? Worker resistance in the call centre
Peter Bain, and Phil Taylor
Personnel Psychology   Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being
Impact Factor: 4.264
Strategic Human Resource Management In Service Context: Taking Care Of Business By Taking Care Of Employees And Customers
Chih-Hsun Chuang, and Hui Liao
  When is the Search for Meaning Related to Life Satisfaction?
Nansook Park, Myungsook Park, and Christopher Peterson
Applied Psychology    
Impact Factor: 1.811
Immigration, Acculturation, and Adaptation
John W. Berry
Industrial Relations    
British Journal of Industrial Relations   Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.377
Unequal Japan: Conservative Corporatism and Labour Market Disparities
Ji-Whan Yun
  Recasting Leadership Development
Morgan W. McCall Jr.
Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society   Industrial Relations Journal
Impact Factor: 2.049
Pensions as Psychological Contracts: Implications for Work Outcomes
Andrew A. Luchak, and Dionne M. Pohler
  Globalisation and outsourcing: confronting new human resource challenges in India's business process outsourcing industry
Sarosh Kuruvilla, and Aruna Ranganathan
Labour   International Labour Review
The Effect of Legislated Minimum Wage Increases on Employment and Hours: A Dynamic Analysis
Dale L. Belman, and Paul Wolfson
  Impact Factor: 1.176
The global crisis, social protection and jobs
Joseph Stiglitz
Negotiation and Conflict Management Research   Negotiation Journal
Electronic Signatures and Interpersonal Trustworthiness in Online Negotiations
Terri R. Kurtzberg, and Charles E. Naquin
  Facilitating Conflict Transformation: Mediator Strategies for Eliciting Emotional Communication in a Workplace Conflict
Jessica Katz Jameson, Andrea M. Bodtker, and Tim Linker
WorkingUSA   Revue internationale du Travail
The Cooperative Movement, Self-Management, And Competitiveness: The Case Of Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa
Alessandra Azevedo, and Leda Gitahy
  Impact Factor: 1.176
Politiques sociales et politiques du travail d'inspiration néolibérale: les leçons de l'expérience latino-américaine
Lydia Fraile
Revista Internacional del Trabajo   e Journal of Industrial Economics
Impact Factor: 1.176
La experiencia neoliberal de América Latina. Políticas sociales y laborales desde el decenio de 1980
Lydia Fraile
  Impact Factor: 1.11
Product Quality And Market Size
Steven Berry, and Joel Waldfogel
Small Business & Entrepreneurship    
ategic Entrepreneurship Journal   Journal of Small Business Management
How entrepreneurs acquire the capacity to excel: insights from research on expert performance
Robert A. Baron, and Rebecca A. Henry
  Impact Factor: 1.088
The Significance of Customer Base in the New Economy: Satisfaction and Perceptions of Success among Small Suppliers and Small Nonsuppliers
Terry L. Besser, and Nancy J. Miller
Business and Society Review   Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Rap and the Recording Industry
William Beaver
  Impact Factor: 1.704
Entrepreneurship Research on Network Processes: A Review and Ways Forward
Susanna Slotte-Kock, and Nicole Coviello
siness Strategy and the Environment    
Measuring organizational performance: beyond the triple bottom line
Graham Hubbar
CSR & Corporate Governance    
Corporate Governance: An International Review   Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
Asian Corporate Governance or Corporate Governance in Asia?
Shaomin Li, and Anil Nair
  Just accepted into ISI!
Corporate social responsibility and developing countries
Peter Dobers, and Minna Halme
Business Ethics: A European Review    
Corporate social responsibility in small-and medium-size enterprises: investigating employee engagement in fair trade companies
Iain A. Davies, and Andrew Crane
International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing   Journal of Consumer Affairs
Contemporary Issues in Social, Arts, Museum and Nonprofit Marketing
Alix Slater
  Impact Factor: 2.175
The Effects of Advertising, Social Influences, and Self-Efficacy on Adolescent Tobacco Use and Alcohol Consumption
Brian R. Kinard, Cynthia Webster
Psychology and Marketing   Journal of Consumer Behaviour
Impact Factor: 2.08
Public commitment as a motivator for weight loss
Prashanth U. Nyer, and Stephanie Dellande
  Effects of US-based franchising in the developing world: a middle-eastern consumer perspective
Marko Grünhagen, Carl L. Witte, and Susie Pryor
Journal of Public Affairs   Journal of Product Innovation Management
"Public affairs, issues management, and political strategy: opportunities, obstacles, and caveats"
Duane Windsor
  Impact Factor: 1.522
Global Integration of Brands and New Product Development at General Motors
Janell D. Townsend, S. Tamer Cavusgil, and Marietta L. Baba
Creativity and Innovation Management   R&D Management
Exploratory Study of Organizational Creativity in Creative Organizations
James Moultrie, and Alasdair Young
  Impact Factor: 0.928
Open R&D and open innovation: exploring the phenomenon
Ellen Enkel, Oliver Gassmann, and Henry Chesbrough
Operations Management    
Decision Sciences   Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education
Impact Factor: 2.36
Market Orientation, Ownership Type, and E-Business Assimilation: Evidence from Chinese Firms
Dahui Li, Patrick Y. K. Chau, and Fujun Lai
  Using SMS Text Messaging to Create Individualized and Interactive Experiences in Large Classes: A Beer Game Example
Jamison M. Day, and Madhuri Kumar
Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance & Management   International Transactions in Operational Research
Audit-firm group appointment: an artificial intelligence approach
Efstathios Kirkos, Charalambos Spathis, and Yannis Manolopoulos
  From preparedness to partnerships: case study research on humanitarian logistics
Rolando M. Tomasini, and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
urnal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis   Journal of Supply Chain Management
Multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems: A survey
E. L. Ulungu, and J. Teghem
  Just accepted into ISI!
Corporate Social Responsibility Reports: A Thematic Analysis Related To Supply Chain Management

Wendy L. Tate, Lisa M. Ellram, and Jon F. Kirchoff
Managerial and Decision Economics   Knowledge and Process Management
Absorptive capacity - one size fits all? A firm-level analysis of absorptive capacity for different kinds of knowledge
Tobias Schmidt
  Studying the processes during implementation of enterprise systems
Melissa Sedmak
Production and Operations Management   Systems Research and Behavioral Science
Impact Factor: 2.08
Scheduling Truck Arrivals at an Air Cargo Terminal
Jinwen Ou, Vernon N. Hsu, and Chung-Lun Li
  Learning behaviours in the workplace: The role of high-quality interpersonal relationships and psychological safety
Abraham Carmeli, Daphna Brueller, and Jane E Dutton
System Dynamics Review    
Evaluating system dynamics models of risky projects using decision trees: alternative energy projects as an illustrative example
Burcu Tan, Edward G. Anderson Jr, James S. Dyer, and Geoffrey G. Parker
Business Finance    
Abacus   Accounting & Finance
Impact Factor: 0.575
Why Consistency of Accounting Standards Matters: A Contribution to the Rules-Versus-Principles Debate in Financial Reporting
Jens Wüstemann, and Sonja Wüstemann
  Impact Factor: 0.446
Cash flow disaggregation and the prediction of future earnings
Neal Arthur, Marco Cheng, and Robert Czernkowski
Journal of Forecasting    
Foreign exchange market prediction with multiple classifiers
Bo Qian and Khaled Rasheed
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