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British Journal of Developmental Psychology
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Special Issue: Gender and Relationships   Special Issue: Gender and Relationships
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Practising gender: Children's relationships and the development of gendered behaviour and beliefs
Patrick J. Leman and Harriet R. Tenenbaum

The emergence of gender differences in physical aggression in the context of conflict between young peers
Dale F. Hay, Alison Nash, Marlene Caplan, Jan Swartzentruber, Fumiko Ishikawa and Jo Ellen Vespo

Gender differences in children's problem behaviours in competitive play with friends
Rosie Ensor, Martha Hart, Lorna Jacobs and Claire Hughes

Brief Report
Peer play, emotion understanding, and socio-moral explanation: The role of gender
Kay Mathieson and Robin Banerjee

Peer socialization of masculinity and femininity: Differential effects of overt and relational forms of peer victimization
Elizabeth A. Ewing Lee and Wendy Troop-Gordon

Testing causal models of the relationship between childhood gender atypical behaviour and parent–child relationship
Katarina Alanko, Pekka Santtila, Benny Salo, Patrik Jern, Ada Johansson and N. Kenneth Sandnabba

Gender differences in the pathway from adverse life events to adolescent emotional and behavioural problems via negative cognitive errors
Eirini Flouri and Constantina Panourgia

Gender differences in online and offline self-disclosure in pre-adolescence and adolescence
Patti M. Valkenburg, Sindy R. Sumter and Jochen Peter

Gender and racial favouritism in Black and White preschool girls
Beth Kurtz-Costes, Stacie C. DeFreitas, Tamara G. Halle and C. Ryan Kinlaw

'It's not that we hate you': Understanding children's gender attitudes and expectancies about peer relationships
Kristina M. Zosuls, Carol Lynn Martin, Diane N. Ruble, Cindy F. Miller, Bridget M. Gaertner, Dawn E. England and Alison P. Hill

Brief Report
The constructive role of gender asymmetry in social interaction: Further evidence
Charis Psaltis

Social reasoning about 'second-shift' parenting
Stefanie M. Sinno and Melanie Killen

Breadwinner and caregiver: A cross-sectional analysis of children's and emerging adults' visions of their future family roles
Megan Fulcher and Emily F. Coyle

Research in developmental psychology on gender and relationships: Reflections on the past and looking into the future
Campbell Leaper
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British Journal of Developmental Psychology
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The British Journal of Developmental Psychology publishes full-length, empirical, conceptual, review and discussion papers, as well as brief reports, in all of the following areas:
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  • social, emotional and personality development in childhood, adolescence and adulthood;
  • cognitive and socio-cognitive development in childhood, adolescence and adulthood, including the development of language, mathematics, theory of mind, drawings, spatial cognition, biological and societal understanding;
  • atypical development, including developmental disorders, learning difficulties/disabilities and sensory impairments;
  • the impact of genetic, biological, familial, interpersonal, educational, societal and cultural factors upon human psychological development;
  • comparative approaches to behavioural development that help to elucidate developmental processes in humans;
  • theoretical approaches to development, including neo-Piagetian, information processing, na├»ve theory, dynamic systems, ecological and sociocultural approaches.
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