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[FREE] 1H NMR spectra of ethane-1,2-diol and other vicinal diols in benzene: GIAO/DFT shift calculations
John S. Lomas
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry
[FREE] Analyses of anticancer drugs by capillary electrophoresis: a review
Imran Ali, Ashanul Haque, Waseem A. Wani et al
Biomedical Chromatography
[FREE] A methamphetamine analog (N,α-diethyl-phenylethylamine) identified in a mainstream dietary supplement
Pieter A. Cohen, John C. Travis, Bastiaan J. Venhuis
Drug Testing and Analysis
[FREE] Square-Wave Voltammetry: A Review on the Recent Progress
Valentin Mirceski, Rubin Gulaboski, Milivoj Lovric et al
[FREE] Application of maximum likelihood multivariate curve resolution to noisy data sets
Mahsa Dadashi, Hamid Abdollahi, Roma Tauler
Journal of Chemometrics
[FREE] Photooxidation of glycated and non-glycated phosphatidylethanolamines monitored by mass spectrometry
Tânia Melo, Eduarda M. P. Silva, Cláudia Simões et al
Journal of Mass Spectrometry
[FREE] Trace level detection and identification of nitro-based explosives by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
S. Botti, S. Almaviva, L. Cantarini, A. Palucci, A. Puiu, A. Rufoloni
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy
[FREE] Microwave-assisted one-step green synthesis of amino-functionalized fluorescent carbon nitride dots from chitosan
Deli Xiao, Danhua Yuan, Hua He, Jinrong Lu
[FREE] MALDI TOF MS profiling of bacteria at the strain level: A review
Todd R. Sandrin, Jason E. Goldstein, Stephanie Schumaker
Mass Spectrometry Reviews
[FREE] Application of Chemometrics in Authentication of Herbal Medicines: A Review
Haidy A. Gad, Sherweit H. El-Ahmady, Mohamed I. Abou-Shoer, Mohamed M. Al-Azizi
Phytochemical Analysis
[FREE] Using dissociation energies to predict observability of b- and y-peaks in mass spectra of short peptides. II. Results for hexapeptides with non-polar side chains
O. I. Obolensky, Wells W. Wu, Rong-Fong Shen, Yi-Kuo Yu
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
[FREE] Multivariate analysis of hyperspectral hard X-ray images
Christopher K. Egan, Simon D. M. Jacques, Robert J. Cernik
X-Ray Spectrometry
[FREE] HPLC separation of enantiomers of chiral arylpropionic acid derivatives using polysaccharide-based chiral columns and normal-phase eluents with emphasis on elution order
Iza Matarashvili, Lali Chankvetadze, Salvatore Fanali, Tivadar Farkas, Bezhan Chankvetadze
Journal of Separation Science
[FREE] Native agarose gel electrophoresis and electroelution: A fast and cost-effective method to separate the small and large hepatitis B capsids
Kam Yee Yoon, Wen Siang Tan, Beng Ti Tey et al
  IYCR 2014

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[FREE] Double-quantum NMR Spectroscopy of Dipolar-coupled Spins under Fast Magic-angle Spinning
Hans Wolfgang Spiess
e-mag res
[FREE] Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Wentao Jiang, Renã A.S. Robinson
Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry
[FREE] Stable Isotope Analysis: Drugs
James F. Carter, Wolfram Meier-Augenstein
Encyclopedia of Forensic Science
[FREE] Sarcosine separated from amino acid isomers: Prostate cancer biomarker
[FREE] Smokey water: Tobacco nitrosamines are disinfection by products Peak
[FREE] The Chemistry of Breaking Bad
[FREE] Review of nanoscale infrared spectroscopy applications to energy related materials
Spectroscopy Europe/Spectroscopy Asia
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