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[Free]   Chemical analysis of two new designer drugs: buphedrone and pentedrone
Chad R. Maheux and Catherine R. Copeland
Drug Testing and Analysis
[Free]   Biofuel Cells for Self‐Powered Electrochemical Biosensing and Logic Biosensing: A Review
Ming Zhou and Joseph Wang
[Free]   Identification of the major urinary metabolites in man of seven synthetic cannabinoids of the aminoalkylindole type present as adulterants in ‘herbal mixtures’ using LC‐MS/MS techniques
M. Hutter, S. Broecker, S. Kneisel and V. Auwärter
Journal of Mass Spectrometry
[Free]   Synthesis of ultrathin and compact Au@MnO2 nanoparticles for shell-isolated nanoparticle-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SHINERS)
Xiao-Dong Lin et al
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy
[Free]   A highly selective fluorescent probe for pyrophosphate detection in aqueous solutions
M. R. Ganjali et al
[Free]   Applications of mass spectrometry to metabolomics and metabonomics: Detection of biomarkers of aging and of age‐related diseases
Robert J. Mishur and Shane L. Rea
Mass Spectrometry Reviews
[Free]   The detection of nicotine in a Late Mayan period flask by gas chromatography and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry methods
Dmitri V. Zagorevski and Jennifer A. Loughmiller-Newman
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
[Free]   A review on recent research results (2008–2010) on essential oils as antimicrobials and antifungals. A review.
Gudrun Lang and Gerhard Buchbauer
Flavour and Fragrance Journal
[Free]   Extraction of Antioxidants from Spruce (Picea abies) Bark using Eco-friendly Solvents
Michelle Co et al
Phytochemical Analysis
[Free]   Recent application of analytical methods to phase I and phase II drugs development: a review
Marcello Locatelli et al

Biomedical Chromatography
[Free]   Boosting partial least‐squares discriminant analysis with application to near infrared spectroscopic tea variety discrimination
Shi-Miao Tan et al
Journal of Chemometrics
[Free]   Microscopy beyond the diffraction limit using actively controlled single molecules
W.E. Moerner
Journal of Microscopy

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[Free]   In situ energy dispersive X‐ray fluorescence analysis of rock art pigments from the ‘Abrigo dos Gaivões’ and ‘Igreja dos Mouros’ caves (Portugal)
M. J. Nuevo, A. Martín Sánchez, C. Oliveira and J. de Oliveira
X-Ray Spectrometry
[Free]   A smart 19F and 1H MRI probe with self-immolative linker as a versatile tool for detection of enzymes
Aneta Keliriset al
Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging
[Free]   Iodine-125-terbutaline (125ITB): a new β2-adrenoceptor probe for lung imaging
A.M. Amin
Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals
[Free]   Adsorbents and columns in analytical high‐performance liquid chromatography: A perspective with regard to development and understanding
Klaus K. Unger and Athanasios I. Liapis
Journal of Separation Science
[Free]   Surface modification for PDMS-based microfluidic devices
Jinwen Zhou et al
[Free]   Electron transfer dissociation mass spectrometry in proteomics
Min-Sik Kim and Akhilesh Pandey
[Free]   Systems biology analysis of protein–drug interactions
Jacques Colinge et al
Proteomics Clinical Application
[Free]   Physical and chemical aspects of stabilization of compounds in silk
Eleanor M. Pritchard, Patrick B. Dennis, Fiorenzo Omenetto, Rajesh R. Naik and David L. Kaplan
[Free]   Design, synthesis, in vitro stability and cytostatic effect of multifunctional anticancer drug-bioconjugates containing GnRH-III as a targeting moiety
Ulrike Leurs, Gábor Mező, Erika Orbán, Peter Öhlschläger, Andreas Marquardt and Marilena Manea
Peptide Science
[Free]   Analytical Applications of Ionic Liquids
William E. Acree Jr. and Laura M. Grubbs
Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry
[Free]   Analysis of Radicals by EPR
John C. Walton
Encyclopedia of Radicals in Chemistry, Biology and Materials
[Free]   Stable Isotope Analysis: Drugs
James F. Carter and Wolfram Meier-Augenstein
Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science
[Free]   Tips and Tricks for the Lab: Column Choices
Sarah Millar
Education section of
[Free]   MOFs: NMR reveals inner secrets
David Bradley NMR
Knowledge Base,

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