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Synthesis of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural in Ionic Liquids: Paving the Way to Renewable Chemicals
Tim Stahlberg, Wenjing Fu, John M Woodley, Anders Riisager

Recent Developments in the Biotechnological Production of Hydrocarbons: Paving the Way for Bio-Based Platform Chemicals
Pablo Dominguez de Maria

Green and Sustainable Chemical Synthesis Using Flow Microreactors
Jun-ichi Yoshida, Heejin Kim, Aiichiro Nagaki

Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining

The European wood pellet markets: current status and prospects for 2020
Richard Sikkema et al

Present and future development in plastics from biomass
Li Shen, Ernst Worrell, Martin Patel

Biological conversion of carbon monoxide: rich syngas or waste gases to bioethanol
Haris Nalakath Abubackar, María C. Veiga, Christian Kennes


Highly Selective and Complete Conversion of Cellobiose to Gluconic Acid over Au/Cs2HPW12O40 Nanocomposite Catalyst
Jizhe Zhang, Xin Liu, Mohamed Nejib Hedhili, Yihan Zhu, Yu Han

Anion–Cation Cooperative Catalysis by Ionic Liquids
Lifeng Zhang, Xianlei Fu, Guohua Gao

The Remarkable Improvement of a CeTi based Catalyst for NOx Abatement, Prepared by a Homogeneous Precipitation Method
Wenpo Shan, Fudong Liu, Hong He, Xiaoyan Shi, Changbin Zhang

Environmental Toxicology

Impact of Fe and Ag nanoparticles on seed germination and differences in bioavailability during exposure in aqueous suspension and soil
Yehia Sayed El-Temsah, Erik J. Joner

A novel use of neural network model to determine the effects of multibiomarker on early health damage among Chinese steel workers
Xiu-Quan Shi, Xiao-Bo Yang, Zhong-Xu Wang, Li Qiu, Tang-Chun Wu, Zeng-Zhen Wang

Angewandte Chemie IE

Production of High-Quality Diesel from Biomass Waste Products
Avelino Corma, Olalla de la Torre, Michael Renz, Nicolas Villandier

Electric Power and Synthesis Gas Co-generation From Methane with Zero Waste Gas Emission
Zongping Shao, Chunming Zhang, Wei Wang, Chao Su, Wei Zhou, Zhonghua Zhu, Hee Jung Park, Chan Kwak

Hydrogen Storage in Magnesium Hydride: The Molecular Approach

Sjoerd Harder, Jan Spielmann, Julia Intemann, Heinz Bandmann

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Chemistry – A European Journal

Oligopyrrole Macrocycles: Receptors and Chemosensors for Potentially Hazardous Materials
Brett M. Rambo, Jonathan L. Sessler

Switching Micellization of Pluronics in Water by CO2
Jianling Zhang, Buxing Han, Yueju Zhao, Jianshen Li, Guanying Yang

Synthesis of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids with the Weakly Coordinating [Al(ORF)4] Anion (RF=C(H)(CF3)2) and the Determination of Their Principal Physical Properties
Safak Bulut, Petra Klose, Mian-Mian Huang, Hermann Weingärtner, Paul J. Dyson, Gábor Laurenczy, Christian Friedrich, Jakob Menz, Klaus Kümmerer, Ingo Krossin

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy

Characterization of biochar from fast pyrolysis and gasification systems
Catherine E. Brewer, Klaus Schmidt-Rohr, Justinus A. Satrio, Robert C. Brown

Hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas using Fe/EDTA solution: Gas/liquid contacting and sulfur formation
L.M. Frare, M.G.A. Vieira, M.G.C. Silva, N.C. Pereira, M.L. Gimenes

Chemical Engineering & Technology

Lignin Depolymerization and Conversion: A Review of Thermochemical Methods
Madhav Prasad Pandey, Chang Soo Kim

CO2 Capture for Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants
Ralf Notz, Inga Tönnies, Nichola McCann, Günter Scheffknecht, Hans Hasse

Chemie Ingenieur Technik

Simulation des anaeroben Prozesses bei der Biogaserzeugung / Simulation oft he Anaerobic Process for Biogas Production
Christian Rojas, Frank Uhlenhut, Michael Schlaak, Axel Borchert, Sven Steinigeweg

Verfahren zur Eliminierung und Rückgewinnung von Phosphor aus Abwasser / Processes for Elimination and Recovery of Phosphorus from Municipal Wastewater
Marina Sabelfeld, Sven-Uwe Geißen

Fuel Cells

Combined Usage of Sodium Borohydride and Aluminum Powder for High-performance Hydrogen Generation
H.-B. Dai, G.-L. Ma, H.-J. Xia, P. Wang

Anode Supported Protonic Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Fabricated Using Electrophoretic Deposition
M. Zunic, L. Chevallier, E. Di Bartolomeo, A. D'Epifanio, S. Licoccia, E. Traversa

Chemistry – An Asian Journal

Self-Assembly of Lead Chalcogenide Nanocrystals
Zewei Quan, Loriana Valentin-Bromberg, Welley Siu Loc, Jiye Fang

Application of π-Extended Ferrocene with Varied Anchoring Groups as Photosensitizers in TiO2-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs)
Ratna Chauhan, Manoj Trivedi, Lal Bahadur, Abhinav Kumar

The Legacy of Fossil Fuels
Nicola Armaroli and Vincenzo Balzani


Preparation and Application of Mediator-Free H2O2 Biosensors of Graphene-Fe3O4 Composites
Kangfu Zhou, Yihua Zhu, Xiaoling Yang, Chunzhong Li

Application of Contactless Impedance Detection to Determination of Substances in Gaseous Phase
V. Pavlíček, F. Opekar and K. Štulík

Green House Gases

On scale and magnitude of pressure build-up induced by large-scale geologic storage of CO2
Quanlin Zhou, Jens T. Birkholzer

The recent development of CO2 fixation and conversion by ionic liquid
Jianmin Zhang, et al

CO2 mineral sequestration: developments toward large-scale application
Ron Zevenhoven, Johan Fagerlund, Joel Kibiwot Songok

Israel Journal of Chemistry

Polyoxometalates in the Design of Effective and Tunable Water Oxidation Catalysts
Yurii V. Geletii, Qiushi Yin, Yu Hou, Zhuangqun Huang, Huiyuan Ma, Jie Song, Claire Besson, Zhen Luo, Rui Cao, Kevin P. O'Halloran, Guibo Zhu, Chongchao Zhao, James W. Vickers, Yong Ding, Sajjad Mohebbi, Aleksey E. Kuznetsov, Djamaladdin G. Musaev, Tianquan Lian, Craig L. Hill

The Chemical Record

Nanostructure control in polymer solar cells by self-organization
Keisuke Tajima, Kazuhito Hashimoto

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