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Spreading Chromatin into Chemical Biology
C. David Allis, Tom W. Muir

Click Chemistry for Rapid Labeling and Ligation of RNA
Eduardo Paredes, Subha R. Das

Exploration of Biarsenical Chemistry—Challenges in Protein Research
Adam Pomorski, Artur Krężel

The FEBS Journal

MicroRNAs and epigenetics
Fumiaki Sato, Soken Tsuchiya, Stephen J. Meltzer, Kazuharu Shimizu

Bcl2 and BclxL play important roles in the crosstalk between autophagy and apoptosis
Feifan Zhou, Ying Yang, Da Xing

Roles of matrix metalloproteinases in cancer progression and their pharmacological targeting
Chrisostomi Gialeli, Achilleas D. Theocharis, Nikos K. Karamanos

Chemical Biology & Drug Design

Insight into Amyloid Structure Using Chemical Probes
Ashley A. Reinke, Jason E. Gestwicki

Antimicrobial β-Peptides and α-Peptoids
Troels Godballe, Line L. Nilsson, Pernille D. Petersen, Håvard Jenssen

Cell Biochemistry & Function

Taurine supplementation decreases oxidative stress in skeletal muscle after eccentric exercise
Luciano A. Silva, Paulo C. L. Silveira, Merieli M. Ronsani, Priscila S. Souza, Débora Scheffer, Lílian C. Vieira, Magnus Benetti, Cláudio T. De Souza, Ricardo A. Pinho

Crosstalk of EGFdirected MAPK signalling pathways and its potential role on EGFinduced cell proliferation and COX2 expression in human mesenchymal stem cells
Abdullah Sabri, Abed-Ali Ziaee, Seyed Nasser Ostad, Kamran Alimoghadam, Mohammad Hossein Ghahremani

Angewandte Chemie IE

Proton-Detected Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Fibrillar and Membrane Proteins
Rasmus Linser, Muralidhar Dasari, Matthias Hiller, Victoria Higman, Uwe Fink, Juan-Miguel Lopez del Amo, Stefan Markovic, Liselotte Handel, Brigitte Kessler, Peter Schmieder, Dieter Oesterhelt, Hartmut Oschkinat, Bernd Reif

Methyltransferase-Directed Derivatization of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in DNA
Zita Liutkevičiūtė, Edita Kriukienė, Indrė Grigaitytė, Viktoras Masevičius and Saulius Klimašauskas

Chemistry – A European Journal

Gram-Scale Synthesis of Iejimalide B
Julien Gagnepain, Emilie Moulin and Alois Fürstner

Structure, Bioactivity and Synthesis of Natural Products with Hexahydropyrrolo[2,3-b]indole
Pau Ruiz-Sanchis, Svetlana A. Savina, Fernando Albericio and Mercedes Álvarez

Bioinspired Catalyst Design and Artificial Metalloenzymes
Peter J. Deuss, René den Heeten, Wouter Laan and Paul C. J. Kamer

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Molecular Informatics

Back to the Roots: Prediction of Biologically Active Natural Products from Ayurveda Traditional Medicine
Honey Polur, Tejal Joshi, Christopher T. Workman, Gandhidas Lavekar, Irene Kouskoumvekaki

Identification of Inhibitors of the Tyrosine Kinase c-Met by Structure-Based Virtual Screening
Thomas Lemcke, Jan Dreher, Matthias Rarey, Frank Totzke, Christoph Schächtele, Michael H. G. Kubbutat, Conrad Kunick

Chemistry & Biodiversity

Synthesis of Lipid–Oligonucleotide Conjugates for RNA Interference Studies
Santiago Grijalvo, Sandra M. Ocampo, José C. Perales, Ramon Eritja

Journal of Peptide Science

Probing protein function by chemical modification
Yao-Wen Wu, Roger S. Goody

Bacterial membrane lipids in the action of antimicrobial agents
Richard M. Epand, Raquel F. Epand

Journal of Molecular Recognition

Unraveling lipid/protein interaction in model lipid bilayers by Atomic Force Microscopy
Andrea Alessandrini, Paolo Facci

Grading the commercial optical biosensor literature -Class of 2008: ‘The Mighty Binders’
Rebecca L. Rich,David G. Myszka

Journal of Biochemical & Molecular Toxicology

Diabetes, oxidative stress, and antioxidants: A review
A. C. Maritim, R. A. Sanders, J. B. Watkins III

Mechanisms of cytochrome P450 induction
Leslie M. Tompkins, Andrew D. Wallace

The Chemical Record

In vitro and in vivo gene delivery with tailor-designed aminofullerenes
Eiichi Nakamura, Hiroyuki Isobe

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Israel Journal of Chemistry

RNA Interference-Based Computing in Mammalian Cells
Yaakov Benenson

Maitotoxin: An Inspiration for Synthesis
K. C. Nicolaou, Robert J. Aversa

Chinese Journal of Chemistry

Microcalorimetric Investigation of Toxic Effects of Three Injectable Solubilizing Excipients on Tetrahymena thermophila BF5 Growth
Dan Yan, Shaofeng Zhang, Yumei Han, Ming Yang, Yun Qi, Xiaohe Xiao

Chemistry – An Asian Journal

Aminoluciferins as Functional Bioluminogenic Substrates of Firefly Luciferase
Hideo Takakura, Ryosuke Kojima, Yasuteru Urano, Takuya Terai, Kenjiro Hanaoka, and Tetsuo Nagano

Two-Photon Probes for Zn2+ Ions with Various Dissociation Constants. Detection of Zn2+ Ions in Live Cells and Tissues by Two-Photon Microscopy
Isravel Antony Danish, Chang Su Lim, Yu Shun Tian, Ji Hee Han, Min Young Kang and Bong Rae Cho

Helvetica Chimica Acta

Synthesis and Characterization of Enantiomerically Pure cis- and trans-3-Fluoro-2,4-dioxa-9-aza-3-phosphadecalin 3-Oxides as Acetylcholine Mimetics and Inhibitors of Acetylcholinesterase
Piergiorgio Lorenzetto, Michael Wächter, Peter Rüedi

Chemie Ingenieur Technik

Enzymatische Hydrolyse von Lignocellulose im Festbettreaktor / Encymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulose in a Fixed Bed Reactor
Christian Kirsch, Kai Wörmeyer, Carsten Zetzl, Irina Smirnova


Electrochemical Oxidation of Native Double-Stranded DNA on a Graphene-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
Qingxiang Wang, Meixia Zheng, Juanlan Shi, Feng Gao, Fei Gao

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