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Royal Microscopical Society [RMS]
[Journal of Microscopy]   Journal of Microscopy

Don’t miss 170 years of quality research information from the Royal Microscopical Society, a society at the forefront of microscopy and imaging.

Fully digitized backfiles now available from the journal’s launch in 1841 up until 1995!

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[Diagnostic Electron Microscopy: A Practical Guide to Tissue Preparation and Interpretation]
Diagnostic Electron Microscopy:
A Practical Guide
to Tissue Preparation and Interpretation
[Low Voltage Electron Microscopy: Principles and Applications]
Low Voltage Electron Microscopy: Principles and Applications
[Aberration-corrected Analytical Electron Microscopy]
Aberration-corrected Analytical Electron Microscopy
[Principles and Practice of Variable Pressure: Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy (VP-ESEM)]
Principles and Practice of Variable Pressure: Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy

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[15th European Microscopy Congress Manchester Central, United Kingdom 16th – 21st September 2012]
Visitors to EMC 2012 will receive a free sample copy of Imaging & Microscopy
and the 25th Anniversary issue of Microscopy and Analysis at the conference.

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[Microscopy and Analysis]
  bullet   Celebrating 25 years of continuous publication, the premier magazines for all microscopists worldwide.
  bullet   Compelling content from leading practitioners
and a global readership of 120,000
  bullet   Three regional editions:
Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific
  bullet   Nine issues a year
  bullet   Visit the website for all the latest microscopy news and features
[Imaging & Microscopy]
  bullet   Imaging & Microscopy (I&M) is the official media partner of the European Microscopy Society (EMS) and the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS), organizers of EMC 2012.
  bullet   Based on a constant dialogue with scientists of the European imaging community, I&M publishes scientific and technical reports focusing on:
bullet   Electron and Ion Microscopy
bullet   Image Processing
bullet   Light Microscopy
bullet   Scanning Probe Microscopy
bullet   X-Ray Analysis
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[Microcirculation Imaging]  

Microcirculation Imaging
Martin J. Leahy

ISBN: 978-3-527-32894-9
Hardcover | 411 pages | June 2012
£125.00 | €150.00
Adopting a multidisciplinary approach with input from physicists, researchers and medical professionals, this is the first book to introduce many different technical approaches for the visualization of microcirculation, including laser Doppler and laser speckle, optical coherence tomography and photo-acoustic tomography. It covers everything from basic research to medical applications, providing the technical details while also outlining the respective strengths and weaknesses of each imaging technique.
See Martin J. Leahy at the 15th European Microscopy Congress
Manchester Central, United Kingdom, 16th–21st September 2012

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  Key articles in microscopy – all freely available here  
Journal of Microscopy
[Journal of Microscopy]   Correcting the axial shrinkage of skeletal muscle thick sections visualized by confocal microscopy
J. Janacek, M. Kreft
V. Cebasek et al.
[Luminescence]   Multifunctional organic-inorganic composite luminescent nanospheres
Yanyu Zhu et al.
Journal of Molecular Recognition
[Journal of Molecular Recognition]   Nonspecific interactions in AFM force spectroscopy measurements
Emrah Celik and
Vincent T. Moy
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy
[Journal of Raman Spectroscopy]   How to obtain a reliable structural characterization of polished graphitized carbons by Raman microspectroscopy
M. R. Ammar and
J.-N. Rouzaud
Cytometry Part A
[Cytometry Part A]   State-of-the-art FISHing: Automated analysis of cytogenetic aberrations in interphase nuclei
Gábor Pajor,
Béla Kajtár,
László Pajor and
Donát Alpár
[Electrophoresis]   Desktop near-field thermal lens microscope for thermo-optical detection in microfluidics
Adelina Smirnova et al.
Journal of Separation Science
[Journal of Separation Science]   Centrifugal countercurrent chromatography to elucidate surface differences of adipose tissue-derived stem cells
Ramiro Sebastián et al.
[Biopolymers]   Cryo-Electron Microscopy Modeling by the Molecular Dynamics Flexible Fitting Method
Kwok-Yan Chan, Leonardo G. Trabuco, Eduard Schreiner and Klaus Schulten
Peptide Science
[Peptide Science]   Effects of Lys2 to Ala2 substitutions on the structure and potency of ω-conotoxins MVIIA and CVID
Christina I. Schroeder,
Katherine J. Nielsen,
Denise A. Adams,
Marion Loughnan,
Linda Thomas,
Paul F. Alewood,
Richard J. Lewis and
David J. Craik

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Special and Virtual Issues
[BioEssays]   Special Issue:
Light Microscopy

Open Access Article:
Innovation in biological microscopy

Jason R. Swedlow
Microscopy Research and Technique
[Microscopy Research and Technique]   Virtual Issue: Innovations and Applications from Microscopy Research & Technique
Edited by: Prof. Georfe C. Ruben, Editor-in-Chief

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  Exciting new books in microscopy  
Atomic Force Microscopy: Understanding Basic
Modes and Advanced
[Atomic Force Microscopy: Understanding Basic Modes and Advanced Applications]
Atomic Force
in Liquid

[Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid]
In-situ Electron Microscopy: Applications in Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science
[In-situ Electron Microscopy: Applications in Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science]
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  Microscopy articles in our Major Reference Works  
  [Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry]  
Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry

Updated online four times a year, Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry is the most comprehensive analytical chemistry reference available, covering all aspects from theory and instrumentation through to applications and techniques.

You can read the abstracts and view tables of contents free of charge, including these microscopy articles:

bullet   Fluorescence Imaging Microscopy
bullet   Using Scanning Probe Microscopy to Characterize Nanoparticles and Nanocrystals
bullet   Optical Microscopy in Forensic Science

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