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European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Reversible Aminal Formation: Controlling the Evaporation of Bioactive Volatiles by Dynamic Combinatorial/Covalent Chemistry
Barbara Buchs (née Levrand), Guillaume Godin, Alain Trachsel, Jean-Yves de Saint Laumer, Jean-Marie Lehn, Andreas Herrmann

Highly Stereoselective Total Synthesis of (+)-9-epi-Dictyostatin and (–)-12,13-Bis-epi-dictyostatin
Chiara Zanato, Luca Pignataro, Andrea Ambrosi, Zhongyan Hao, Chiara Trigili, José Fernando Díaz, Isabel Barasoain, Cesare Gennari

Recent Advances in the Synthesis of α-Alkylidene-Substituted δ-Lactones, γ-Lactams and δ-Lactams
Anna Albrecht, Łukasz Albrecht, Tomasz Janecki

Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

Organocatalyzed Dynamic Kinetic Resolution
Hélène Pellissier

Extended Lifetimes of Gold(III) Chloride Catalysts using Copper(II) Chloride and 2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidine 1-Oxyl (TEMPO)
Tyler A. Graf, Thomas K. Anderson, Ned B. Bowden

Proline-Derived Aminotriazole Ligands: Preparation and Use in the Ruthenium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation
Xacobe C. Cambeiro, Miquel A. Pericàs

Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Attempted synthesis of ethyl 3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazine-3-carboxylate and 3-acetate derivatives
Stanislas Mayer, Axelle Arrault, Gérald Guillaumet, Jean-Yves Mérour

Utility of 3-amino-4,6-dimethyl-1H-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine in heterocyclic synthesis
Moustafa A. Gouda

Continuous-flow syntheses of heterocycles
Toma N. Glasnov, C. Oliver Kappe

Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry

Solvation and complexation of carbenes – a perspective
Robert A. Moss

Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of branched pyrroline chromophores
Jialei Liu, Wenjun Hou, Shuwen Feng, Ling Qiu, Xinhou Liu, Zhen Zhen

Angewandte Chemie IE

Total Synthesis of (−)-Conophylline and (−)-Conophyllidine
Yuki Han-ya, Hidetoshi Tokuyama and Tohru Fukuyama

Integrated Synthetic Strategy for Higher Catechin Oligomers
Ken Ohmori, Tomohiro Shono, Yuki Hatakoshi, Takahisa Yano and Keisuke Suzuki

Enantioselective Construction of Quaternary Stereogenic Centers from Tertiary Boronic Esters: Methodology and Applications
Ravindra P. Sonawane, Vishal Jheengut, Constantinos Rabalakos, Robin Larouche-Gauthier, Helen K. Scott and Varinder K. Aggarwal

Chemistry – A European Journal

Enantiopure, Monodisperse Alleno-acetylenic Cyclooligomers: Effect of Symmetry and Conformational Flexibility on the Chiroptical Properties of Carbon-Rich Compounds
Pablo Rivera-Fuentes, Belén Nieto-Ortega, W. Bernd Schweizer, Juan T. López Navarrete, Juan Casado and François Diederich

Recent Progress in Coupling of Two Heteroarenes
Dongbing Zhao, Jingsong You and Changwei Hu

A Facile Route to Water-Soluble Coronenes and Benzo[ghi]perylenes
Cordula D. Schmidt, Nina Lang, Norbert Jux and Andreas Hirsch

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Chemistry – An Asian Journal

One-Pot Nitrile Aldolization/Hydration Operation Giving β-Hydroxy Carboxamides
Akihiro Goto, Hiroshi Naka, Ryoji Noyori, and Susumu Saito

Facile Preparation of Homo- and Hetero-Dimetallic Complexes with a 4-Phosphino-Substituted NHC Ligand. Toward the Design of Multifunctional Catalysts
Janaina Marinas Pérez, Holger Helten, Gregor Schnakenburg, and Rainer Streubel

Helvetica Chimica Acta

Organocatalyzed Michael Addition of Aldehydes to Nitro Alkenes – Generally Accepted Mechanism Revisited and Revised
Krystyna Patora-Komisarska, Meryem Benohoud, Hayato Ishikawa, Dieter Seebach, Yujiro Hayashi

On Novel Fluorine Reagents in Preparative Organic Chemistry
Helmut Vorbrüggen

Journal of Heteroatom Chemistry

Synthesis of the new types of N-substituted aminomethylenebisorganophosphorus acids and their derivatives
Andrey A. Prishchenko, Mikhail V. Livantsov, Olga P. Novikova, Ludmila I. Livantsova, Valery S. Petrosyan

Synthesis, characterization, and antimicrobial activity of palladium(II) and platinum(II) complexes with 2-substituted benzoxazole ligands
Mahesh Kumar Samota, Gita Seth


The use of X-ray crystallography to determine absolute configuration
H. D. Flack, G. Bernardinelli

Assignment of absolute configuration using chiral reagents and NMR spectroscopy
Thomas J. Wenzel, Cora D. Chisholm

Applied Organometallic Chemistry

Selective O-allylation of bisphenol A: toward a chloride-free route for epoxy resins
Jimmy A. van Rijn, Marieke C. Guijt, Elisabeth Bouwman, Eite Drent

Rigid pyridyl substituted NHC ligands, their Pd(0) complexes and their application in selective transfer semihydrogenation of alkynes
Stefan Warsink, Suzanne Bosman, Jan J. Weigand, Cornelis J. Elsevier

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Flavour and Fragrance Journal

Antimicrobial activity of essential oils: the possibilities of TLC-bioautography
Györgyi Horváth et al

Phytochemistry of the heartwood from fragrant Santalum species: a review
Nicolas Baldovini, Céline Delasalle and Daniel Joulain

Israel Journal of Chemistry

From Total Synthesis to Diverted Total Synthesis: Case Studies in the Amphidinolide Series
Alois Fürstner

The Chemical Record

Enantioselective epoxidation of electron-deficient olefins: an organocatalytic approach
Katharina M. Weiß, Svetlana B. Tsogoeva

Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals

Design and synthesis of deuterated boceprevir analogs with enhanced pharmacokinetic properties
Adam J. Morgan, Sophia Nguyen, Vinita Uttamsingh, Gary Bridson, Scott Harbeson, Roger Tung, Craig E. Masse

The syntheses and in vitro biotransformation studies of [14C]apixaban, a highly potent, selective, efficacious and orally bioavailable inhibitor of blood coagulation Factor Xa
Brad D. Maxwell, Scott B. Tran, Shiang-Yuan Chen, Donglu Zhang, Bang-Chi Chen, Huiping Zhang, Samuel J. Bonacorsi Jr

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